HAROLD stops to chat with Jazz Crooner, Matt Dusk.

HAROLD stops to chat with Jazz Crooner, Matt Dusk.

From: Harold Luxury For Men

Dear Matt,

HAROLD wants to know…

H: One luxury item you couldn’t live without?

MD: Whisky.  Spirits are a never ending exploration of taste.  You’re always learning and discovering new things about your palate and your ability to draw on familiar references.  I have been collecting whisky for the last 12 years, and have some pretty rare bottles.

H: Your signature fragrance?

MD: I’ve been wearing Versace Le Male for years… although some people would say its sooo 2002, I dont get as many compliments from any other fragrance.  I go with what works! Runner up is Paco Rabanne: One Million.

H: When you need to escape & clear your head, where do you go? 

MD: I literally sail away.  I’ve been sailing since I was a kid, and love it.  There is nothing more humbling than being on the water.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, if you screw around with nature, you’ll get bit it the ass.  I’m not one of those hard core guys that goes out for two weeks, but one who goes out for a few hours then returns to land, serving martinis once docked at dusk.

H: Strangest thing an interviewer ever said to you?

MD: ”You’ll always be my second best interview.”  Um… first, OK! Second, why would you say that?

H: What’s hanging on your walls?

MD: I’ve got a collection of paintings from local artists. I don’t have the means to afford a Picasso, but I do have the ability to frame it nicely and present it beautifully. If you can’t afford great art, afford great framing.  Everyone will think its worth a million bucks, and it is… to me!

H: Favorite drink?

MD:  Whisky straight up.  Single malt, blend, it doesn’t matter… as long as it doesn’t taste like paint thinner (not that I know what that tastes like).

H: Who’s your favorite designer?

MD: Pal Zileri.  I was first introduced to their clothes in my 20′s.  Now it’s all I wear.  Pal Zileri, being an European designer, is always ahead of the curve by years.  Also their quality is much higher than other brands in their price range.  Buy the suit, not the ad.

H: What’s the coolest place you’ve jet-setted to?

MD: We were recently in Costa Rica on a gig.  We flew private.  Thought that was cool until there was major turbulence… and I was reliving the scene from ALMOST FAMOUS.

H: Do you have a man-bag? What might we find inside?

MD: Man bag, yes! Wallet, camera, cell-phone with a wind-app that tells me if I can go sailing or not.

H: Who is your style icon?

MD: Hands down Cary Grant.

H: Best pair of jeans?

MD: Guess? Guess!  Jeans are utilitarian, their price should reflect that.

H: What’s sitting in your drive-way?

MD: The problem is I can’t get rid of a car once I’ve owned it, So I think the total value of all my cars is less than a new rim on Toyota Matrix.  I own a 2000 VW Golf super modified to 400 hp (I used to race at Mosport), my Bentley-light VW Phaeton, which I love… a GMC Envoy that carries my tools to and from my boat, and a Bricklin.  Do you know what that is?  It was the first designed and produced Canadian automobile, built in 1974.  Its got gull-wing doors that reach for the sky… almost.

H: Ultimate splurge item?

MD: Men’s watches.  When I travel to europe there’s nothing more exciting than looking at one million dollar Vacheron Constantin watches.  But my 1984 Timex is sooo coming back in fashion now.

H: Favorite place to go in your city?

MD: My backyard.  I mean, I travel all the time.  When I’m home, the last place I want to go is out.  Gimme a couch, a martini, and a swimming pool, and let the world melt away.

H: Favorite place to shop in the world?

MD: Florence, IT.  Where else can you get a lifetime supply of belts for $100?


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