Matt Dusk on the Strombo Show

Matt Dusk on the Strombo Show

In the red chair: Matt Dusk. The Canadian crooner is bringing back the songs of Chet Baker with his latest record. He talks to George about the great singers – and yep, drinking.

Plenty of people get famous for starring in reality shows. But Matt Dusk got famous for being in the background of one. Going back a bit, Matt was the in-house entertainer on Mark Burnett’s reality-drama ‘The Casino’. After years spent trying to make it in the bars and clubs of Toronto, The Casino gave Matt’s career a big-league boost. He scored a hit with his debut album ‘Two Shots’: a record that harkened back to the era of the Rat Pack and the giants from that era that inspired him. We’re talking about Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and the West-Coast jazz legend Chet Baker. Matt pays tribute to Chet on his new record ‘My Funny Valentine: The Chet Baker Songbook’.

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