Matt Dusk rolling into Park

Matt Dusk rolling into Park

Jazz singer Matt Dusk’s new Christmas album will have you celebrating in style while sipping dry martinis in no time.


Dusk’s album, Old School Yule! captures a nostalgic, retro holiday season that encapsulates the best of the swinging ’60s.

Dusk explained the album as the perfect music to listen to while preparing to host an event.

“There is always that period just before you are about to sit down for dinner and you are cleaning up the house, chopping the food up, putting everything in the oven and mixing drinks, and the album reflects that period,” Dusk said.

He added that the album includes a variety of up-tempo, fast and fun songs to get listeners into the holiday spirit that mimic the feeling of having “that first martini where you get that great buzz and the whole world is amazing.”

Dusk said he was inspired to create his first Christmas album because the festive season is rooted in jazz.

“All those great songs that you think about — sure, there are new ones — but a lot of them come from jazz,” he said.

“I just felt that it was time to do something that I have wanted to do forever.”

This year, Dusk also celebrated the birth of his first child.

“And that is kind of the reason too,” he said. “Christmas is about kids.”

While Dusk is certainly accustomed to life on the road — touring through North America, Europe and Asia over the span of his 20-year career — he said there is no place like home in Toronto. Especially since becoming a father.

“The job that I have also requires us to be away from our families quite a bit,” Dusk said.

Dusk added that touring is a great experience when one is young and single — but it doesn’t always stay that way.

“As you start to build responsibilities of being a father or a parent, it is a little disappointing when you can’t be there for a lot of the first things. And it has made me change the way I look at my future.”

Dusk said he is not necessarily sure he wants to tour as much as he has been.

“Because at the end of the day, life is very precious,” he noted.

Yet, for the time being Sherwood Park can expect to see Dusk on Nov. 26 as he embarks on the Canadian leg of his Old School Yule! tour.

And, certainly, a career in music has provided Dusk a plethora of memorable experiences, such as sitting down to talk music with the legendary Tony Bennett, having lunch with the queen of England, and recording a duet with president-elect Donald Trump during an Apprentice Crooners edition.

“The path of music is not the one to financial riches, but the life riches are incredible,” Dusk said.

“There are certain experiences that you cannot get from any other way but from music. It just brings people together.”

After completing his Christmas tour, Dusk will begin recording again in January and preparing for next year’s holiday circuit.

“My appetite for music and trying different things as a musician is higher than ever because we are exposed to more things,” Dusk said.

“It’s tough. It’s a lot of work, but I feel very fortunate.”

Dusk will be performing at Festival Place on Nov. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

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