Matt Dusk Headlines the 9th Brantford International Jazz Festival

See Matt Dusk perform on September 17 2016 @ 8:30pm

Come and be part of the 9th annual Brantford International Jazz Festival being held on September 16, 17 & 18, 2016 at Harmony Square in Brantford, Ontario. This three-day event will be sure to please music and jazz lovers everywhere. With four stages providing a continuous lineup of free entertainment (thanks to our corporate and government partners), we are able to provide world class entertainment of diverse cultural backgrounds – Traditional Jazz to Big Band Swing to Spanish and Afro-Cuban grooves on our main stage, local area talent bringing their particular mode of jazz – Bebop to Fusion to Experimental on our Queen St. Stage and the talents of the next generation of jazz artists and new this year will be our Colborne Stage a tribute to Dixieland Jazz and New Orleans.

Matt Dusk & Margaret: Just The Two Of Us – Certified Gold

Matt & Margaret are proud to announce their album “JUST THE TWO OF US” is now certifited Gold in Poland.  This marks Dusk’s third gold album to go along with his one platinum album.  “I’m so humbled to have recieved this prestigious award” Dusk says, “Thank you so much for supporting Margaret and my musical journey through the wonderful world of colaboration!  Not only did we have a blast making it, but we also have become good friends.  I just hope Margaret can teach me some more polish words for our live shows,” laughs Dusk.  See them live on their upcoming tour throughout Poland in April 2016.

Matt Dusk & Ethan Hawke for Born To Be Blue

Canadian director Robert Budreau’s new film Born To Be Blue, Ethan Hawke portrays the famed jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. Baker was best known for his jazz albums and performances in the ‘50s, ‘70s and ‘80s; in between it all, he gained notoriety for his drug addictions which resulted in him losing his teeth.

The new trailer for the film hints at some of Baker’s milestone moments, but as the A.V. Club notes, “Born To Be Blue plays loosely with the facts of Baker’s life, inventing incidents here and rearranging timelines there.” The film made its premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Carmen Ejogo plays Baker’s love interest (a fictional character who draws inspiration from many women who were in Baker’s life) and Kevin Hanchard and Kedar Brown make small appearances as Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, respectively.




By Jane Stevenson, Postmedia Network

Matt Dusk has never been known to mince words.

So why start now?

The 37-year-old Toronto jazz crooner speaks plainly about what inspired him to record his new bossa nova duets disc, Quiet Nights, with Montreal singer Florence K, released Feb. 12.

“Most of the time when people listened to this [kind of music], or at least when I did, it was ‘Bossa nova, red wine and sex,'” said Dusk, who’s already planning to record a Christmas album next.

“I mean that was always what it was. But I find singing this music with a female makes it just a little bit more intimate and romantic. And Florence is very good because she speaks Portuguese as well so it’s reminiscent of that period because the bossa nova did come from Brazil.”

We caught up with Dusk, in his usual smart suit, dress shirt and tie (courtesy of Italian brand Pal Zileri) in T.O. recently to discuss Quiet

Nights, impending fatherhood and being known as “the other guy.”

What inspired Quiet Nights?

It was the [1967 album Francis Albert Sinatra Antonio Carlos Jobim]. I’ve always loved to do those songs but the opportunity arose. My manager and I were talking about doing something different.

Do you feel jazz is on the upswing again because of the success of something like Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s duets collaboration?

The one thing about jazz music or say popular crooning or the American songbook is that it’s like the opera. It’s timeless. It’ll be around forever. The reach isn’t necessarily very broad. But there is a large community that supports it. So you’re never going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine doing jazz. Maybe you might if that year it was the flavour of the month.

Do you always feel like you’re being compared to fellow Canadian crooner Michael Bublé?

[I’m] ‘the other guy.’ That’s how I sort of describe it. The funny thing is as I get older, [I’m] less and less compared to Bublé and more and more compared to Sinatra. It’s a wonderful compliment either way.

Do you and Bublé know each other?

We do. I haven’t talked to him in about three years. But we’ve hung out for weekends a couple of times. It’s kind of like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I think I’m more Dean. I think he’s more Frank.

When will you tour Quiet Nights?

I’m always on the road. I think we’re doing something [in Canada] in the fall because from now until June I’m in Europe and the states.

How many dates are you away on average each year?

150 to 200. It’s very interesting. In my life right now there are so many things going on at once. My father passed away two years ago and it kind of changed the dynamic of my life. And priorities shift. So I just naturally became the patriarch of my family. I’ve got a younger brother and my mom. My brother [John Michael, a Famous PEOPLE Players cast member] needs a little care so I’ve got to take care of him and my mom, I want her to be free. She spent her whole life taking care of other people. We’re now all moving in together. So we’re building a house [in Etobicoke.]

That will be some juggling act between your professional and personal life given I hear you’re expecting?

We do have a kid on the way, finally. So it’s due June 24.

Do you know the sex of the baby?

We don’t know. The funny story is that I wanted to know. Julita, that’s [my wife’s] name, she didn’t want to know. And I was like, ‘Alright. Whatever. We’ll find out.’ So then I was at a dinner with some friends and they’re like, ‘So, is it a boy or a girl?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know.’ My friend goes, ‘Well, you have to know. Trust me I’m a parent. You got to get the room painted. Just don’t be a d-k – find out.’ And I said, ‘Okay, you know what? I don’t want to know.’ Listen, what’s another four months?

Do you have any guesses?

We both think it’s a boy but I’d be just as happy to have a girl. I don’t care.

And if he or she chose to follow in your footsteps?

Well, there’s a funny picture of the ultrasound and it’s like this [puts hand up to his mouth like holding something]. And I said, ‘Well, either they have a bottle of whiskey or a microphone!’

Will you ever get married?

It’s funny, my wife – well I call her my wife – we’ve been together for ten years, but all of her cousins on her family’s side, her brothers and sisters, nobody’s married and everyone has kids. So I can’t get married!

What does she do?

She used to be like [a spa] manager so she went on her own finally. It’s opening in March and it’s called Cedar House Spa in Etobicoke.

Matt & Florence: Quiet Nights debut’s at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts

Matt Dusk & Florence K are back on the top of the Charts with their new album: Quiet Nights.  Read all about the album here.




Canadian crooner Dusk goes full swoon in special Valentine concert

Waterloo Region Record

KITCHENER — Matt Dusk is to Valentine’s Day what Santa is to Christmas.

With a meltingly beautiful voice, the Canadian crooner’s music is perfectly suited to the season of love and this weekend Dusk performs with his friend, songstress Eleanor McCain, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony at Centre in the Square.

The performance “The Music of Love” celebrates all things romantic, and will be Dusk’s debut with the symphony, a backup band with a lot of oomph.

“You get that big sound, that lush Hollywood sound,” said Dusk in a phone interview from his Toronto home, where he’s having a short hiatus from touring.

It seems the world loves the music he sings, songs made famous by people such as Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Dusk’s personal favourite, Chet Baker, jazz standards that have staying power. It’s the kind of music that never becomes dated despite being frequently performed and recorded.

“On Valentines, ‘The Great American Songbook’ (music) is the cornerstone — it’s dining rooms, candlelight, wine and sex,” said Dusk. “You’re not playing Metallica for a romantic evening.”

“The Great American Songbook” is the collection of popular and jazz standards considered the most influential early 20th century music, and with Dusk’s own five-person band backed up by a full orchestra, the music is meant to stir the soul and perhaps the loins.

Despite the seductive nature of the music, most of his audiences tend to be older. He said there will never been an auditorium filled with teenagers listening to his music, and he’s OK with that. They will come into the fold sooner or later.

Dusk connects changing tastes with maturity, like the first time a young person has a taste of vodka and thinks “yuck” but in 20 years, a glass of the much more powerful Scotch will taste pretty good.

“Your pallet changes,” he said. “You want to experience new things.”

For this concert, Dusk performs with McCain, a triple East Coast Music Award nominee and a longtime musical collaborator. Dusk likes to have a duet partner on stage, someone he can connect with on both a personal and musical level.

“It’s a little odd when you’re on stage, you look out at that vast mass of people sitting there listening to the music,” he said. “It’s not an intimate conversation.”

Having a duet partner allows him to feel a kinship as the singers look at each other’s eyes and blend their voices, something he can’t do with the audience or musicians.

“We’re in it together,” he said. “Jazz is all about the conversation.”

He also feels comfortable having his own band, five musicians he has worked with for many years.

“When you’re with the same band, there are two parts: there’s the skill set as musicians and the other is being a decent human being,” he said. “Once you’ve found that combination, you don’t let it go.”

The 37-year-old singer will perform music from his 2013 album “My Funny Valentine: the Music of Chet Baker” familiar tunes such as “All the Way” and “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.”

Dusk just released his latest 12-track album “Matt & Florence: Quiet Nights” with another duet partner, Quebec-born Florence K.

Matt & Florence K: Ces Mots Stupides / Someting Stupid

Matt & Florence are proud to announce their first music video from their upcoming album, Matt & Florence: Quiet Nights.  Available in Canada February 12 2016

Check out the video HERE!


Matt Dusk & Margaret: Chosen as one of the best released albums in 2015

Wczoraj zaprezentowaliśmy Wam 15 najważniejszych polskich utworów roku 2015. Dzisiaj czas na albumy, z których one pochodzą. No, w większości przypadków. Oto piętnaście najważniejszych polskich wydawnictw mijającego właśnie roku. Czy Wasi ulubieńcy znaleźli się na naszej liście? 🙂


That’s Life! Celebrating 100 years!

Verschillende grote sterren gaan Frank Sinatra eren. Van 10 tot en met 13 december, de periode waarin het honderd jaar geleden is dat SinSinatra 100atra werd geboren, wordt er in vier Nederlandse theater een groots theaterconcert georganiseerd om ‘The Voice’, zoals Sinatra ook werd genoemd, ”op fenomenale manier te herdenken” zo meldt de site. Bijgaand de advertentie die in verschillende krant heeft gestaan (KLIK erop om te vergroten). Tuurlijk, ik ga. Grote fan van Frankie, altijd geweest. Hadewych Minis, Greetje Kauffeld, Moke-zanger Felix Maginn, Jon van Eerd, Tania Kross, Ruben Hein, The Voicefinaliste Leonie Meijer en de Canadese jazzzanger Matt Dusk staan deze avonden met het internationaal bekroonde Metropole Orkest op de planken. De theaterconcerten vinden plaats in Schouwburg Orpheus Apeldoorn (10 december), CineMec Ede (11 december), Rai Theater Amsterdam (12 december) en op 13 december in De Maaspoort Venlo. Frank Sinatra overleed op 14 mei 1998. ”Hij was niet alleen zanger, maar ook een veelzijdig performer, acteur, stand-up comedian, danser, de leider van de Rat Pack, radiomaker, platenbaas, bedenker van het conceptalbum en filmproducer. Maar Sinatra liet vooral de muziek voor hem spreken”. Toegangskaarten voor de concerten zijn nu te koop via Eventim.

Matt & The Metropole Orchestra Celebrate Sinatra’s 100th

Matt is performing with the Metropole Orchestra in The Netherlands.  They are celebrating Sinatra’s 100th birthday.  Check out youtube to hear them!